Other Projects


The Barlee Project is located 200km north of Southern Cross and is an early-stage greenfield project. Previous exploration on the tenement has been gold focussed. Early reconnaissance work by DKM has identified numerous pegmatite outcrops, anomalous rare earth elements (REEs) in historical drilling, and a Banded Iron formation returning assays up to 57.42% Fe.


Doris is located 120km north-northwest of Meekatharra and covers an area of 168km2. The tenements cover uranium mineralisation within the Despair Granite that was first identified in 1978 and, in addition, also covers a large thorium drainage anomaly over the Yarlaweelor Gneiss Complex to the west of the Despair Granite. Anomalous REEs (cerium, lanthanum and yttrium) have also been identified in historial RAB drilling within the thorium drainage anomaly on ELA52/4315.

Significant historical drill intercepts include;

  • 8m @ 773ppm U3O8 and 20m @ 528ppm U3O8 in KRD10-02
  • 7.8m @ 588ppm U3O8 including 2m @ 1380ppm U3O8 in
  • 13m @ 560ppm U3O8 in KRP13
  • 8m @ 508ppm U3O8 in KRP7


The Stephens Project is located 335km north-northeast of Perth in Western Australia and is on the southern limb of the Gullewa Greenstone Belt in the Murchison Province of the Yilgarn Craton. Historical work has intersected base metal mineralisation including copper, zinc, lead and silver.

Significant historical drill intercepts include;

  • 9m @ 1.19% Cu and 15 g/t Ag incl. 5m @ 1.87% Cu and 22.2 g/t Ag
  • 12m @ 0.55% Cu and 15 g/t Ag incl. 2m @ 1.49% Cu and 32 g/t Ag
  • 1m @ 11.3% Zn and 4.1% Pb and 1m @ 3.6% Zn, 1.2% Pb and 8.1 g/t Ag
  • 4m @ 30.4 g/t Ag
  • 9m @ 0.2% Zn, 0.54% Pb and 26.9 g/t Ag incl. 1m @ 0.45% Zn, 2.5% Pb and 148 g/t Ag
  • 1m @ 0.67% Pb and 81 g/t Ag