Duketon Project

The Duketon Project comprises approximately 2,000 square kilometres of contiguous granted and pending tenure located 80kms to 120kms north of Laverton in Western Australia.

The project covers a significant portion of the Duketon Archaean Greenstone Belt, Laverton Terrane within the world class Eastern Goldfields Mineral Province.

Duketon Project

Duketon Project (click to enlarge)

The Duketon Project is highly prospective for Nickel, Gold and Base Metals. The tenement package lies along strike and adjacent to Regis Resources’ landholding from which approximately 8 million ounces of gold resource inventory has been defined, including resources from the developing Rosemont and producing Garden Well and Moolart Well Gold Mines. In addition to its prospectivity the Eastern Goldfields is a favorable location with well-established infrastructure and mining services.

Duketon Nickel

High Grade Nickel Sulphides from Rosie

High Grade Nickel Sulphides from Rosie (click to enlarge)

The Duketon Project contains numerous nickel tenements within the Duketon Project.

Only sporadic exploration for nickel had occurred within the Duketon Greenstone Belt prior to the joint venture between South Boulder Mines Ltd and Independence Group NL, mainly in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Rosie Ni Deposit Cross Section

Rosie Ni Deposit Cross Section (click to enlarge)

Nickel sulphide mineralisation has been indentified at an area called the Bulge, which is a folded sequence or complex of ultramafic rocks within the Duketon Greenstone Belt. Nickel mineralisation has been delineated at both the Rosie and C2 Prospects with a resource of 1.9 Mt @ 1.7% Ni for 32,700t of contained metal being estimated at Rosie.

With historical production at Windarra plus recent discoveries by Rox Resources at Camelwood (ASX, RRL, 18th Jan13) all within ultramafic rock units of the Laverton Terrane, further exploration is warranted on the ultramafic sequences within the Duketon Project.

Rosie Resource > 1% Ni with Auxiliary Attributes – September 2012

Rosie Resource > 1% Ni with Auxiliary Attributes – September 2012 (click to enlarge)

Duketon Gold

Duketon Gold

Duketon Gold (click to enlarge)

The Duketon Project is located within the Laverton Terrane, in the Eastern Goldfields Province of the Yilgarn Craton. The Eastern Goldfields Province is host to some of the largest nickel and gold deposits in Australia.

The Duketon Project contains numerous gold prospects with two of the most advanced being Terminator and Thompson Bore, both located on the western edge of the greenstone belt. Drilling results returned to date highlight the potential for both shallow open pit oxide ore and underground narrow high-grade ore.

The Terminator Gold Prospect was discovered during a geochemical aircore drilling program in September 2009. Significant results from drilling to date indicate the potential for delineating both broad shallow oxide and narrow high-grade primary gold mineralisation:

  • 64 metres @ 1.24 g/t Au from surface (TBAC010) including 12 m @ 4.13 g/t from surface
  • 60 metres @ 1.3 g/t Au from 2 metres (TBAC024) including 10 m @ 4.25 g/t from 3 metres
  • 12 metres @ 4.3 g/t Au from 154 metres (STBRC001) including 1 metre @ 28.6 g/t Au and
  • 2.4 metres @ 59.8 g/t Au from 218 metres (TBDD126) including 0.85 metres @ 164 g/t Au.

The Thompson Bore Prospect was identified in the early 1990’s as a gold anomaly in lag sampling. Several drill programs have been completed with best results from the last round of aircore drilling including:

  • 10 metres @ 6.6 g/t Au from 35 metres in STB_TBAC010 including 2 metre @ 27.8 g/t Au &
  • 1 metres @ 59 g/t Au from 44 metres in STB_TBAC009 including 1 metre @ 28.6 g/t Au.