17/07/2018Golden Star Exploration Update
21/06/2018Exploration Update
30/04/2018March 2018 Quarterly Report
19/04/2018Exploration Update – Golden Star and Regional
04/04/2018Appendix 3B & Section 708A Notice
04/04/2018Form 603 – Notice of initial substantial holder from SBM
04/04/2018St Barbara invests $4.0 Million in Duketon Mining
14/03/2018Maiden Resource for Lancefield North
12/03/2018Half Year Accounts to 31 December 2017
06/03/2018Drilling Underway at Golden Star
19/02/2018Patersons – Exciting New Gold Discovery adding to Nickel Inventory
31/01/2018December 2017 Quarterly Report


19/12/2017Drilling Confirms Major New Discovery at Golden Star
29/11/2017Results of The Annual General Meeting
15/11/20173500m RC Drill Program Commenced
30/10/2017AGM Notice of Meeting
23/10/2017Golden Star Exploration Update
19/10/2017Lancefield North Exploration Update
19/10/2017Appendix 3B
05/10/201711,000m Drill Program Completed
02/10/2017Appendix 4G
02/10/2017Duketon Mining Annual Report 2017
06/09/201747m @ 1.3g/t Gold At Thompsons Bore
07/08/2017Appendix 3y
02/08/2017Change of Registered Office
01/08/2017Appendix 3y
31/07/2017June 2017 Quarterly Report
19/07/2017Exploration Update Davies Bore, Henrys Bore, Lancaster, Budgerigar
15/06/2017Lancefield North, Golden Star (DKM 100%) Exploration Update
01/06/2017Change of Principal Place of Business
16/05/2017Hartleys – Expanded Drilling To Define More Gold
27/04/2017Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports
19/04/2017Drilling Program Expanded
29/03/2017Drilling Recommences on Multiple Gold Projects
20/03/2017Appendix 3Y
03/03/2017Half Year Accounts to 31 December 2016
08/02/201714m @ 4.0 g/t including 8m @ 6.9 g/t Gold intersected at Lancefield North (DKM 100%)
01/02/2017Gold intersected at Lancefield North (DKM 100%)
01/02/2017Appendix 3b
30/01/2017December 2016 Quarterly Report
24/01/2017Update – Gold Joint Venture with Regis Resources
23/01/2017Gold Joint Venture with Regis Resources


13/12/20169m @ 5.7 g/t Gold at 100% owned Davies Bore
05/12/2016Appendix 3b
05/12/2016Appendix 3Y
24/11/2016Results of The Annual General Meeting
24/11/2016AGM Presentation November 2016
21/11/2016Multiple Ore Grade Intersections in Diamond Drilling at 100% Owned Davies Bore
14/11/2016Davies Bore (100% DKM) – Exploration Update
01/11/2016Appendix 4G
01/11/2016Annual General Report 2016
27/10/2016Notice of Annual General Meeting
25/10/2016September 2016 Quarterly Report
17/10/2016Gold Joint Venture with Regis Resources Update
29/09/201635m at 2.3 g/t Au at 100% owned Davies Bore Prospect
28/09/2016Duketon Mining Annual Report 2016
29/08/2016High Impact Gold Drilling Commences
22/08/2016Share Placement, Appendix 3B & Section 708A Notice
17/08/2016Notice of change of interests of substantial holder
16/08/2016Placement to Accelerate Gold Exploration in the Duketon Belt
08/08/2016Release From Escrow
08/08/2016Appendix 3b
01/08/2016Diggers and Dealers Presentation
01/08/2016June 2016 Quarterly Report
28/07/2016100% Owned Gold Portfolio Grows – Significant Gold in Historical Projects, Targets to be Drilled
20/07/2016Gold Drilling Commences at Hacks Bore, 5km North of Multi-million ounce Garden Well Mine
12/07/2016Multiple Gold Intersections from Shallow Aircore Drilling at Petra North on Joint Venture Ground
15/06/20164m@ 3.3 g/t Au at 100% owned Henrys Bore South Prospect, Gold Anomaly Open to South
30/05/20164m @ 5.2 g/t Au at 100% owned Davies Bore Prospect, Gold Anomaly Extended to >1.2km
10/05/2016Gold Drilling Commences On Joint Venture Ground
02/05/2016Multiple Gold Anomalies Identified
02/05/2016March 2016 Quarterly Report
11/04/2016Drilling at Davies Bore Identifies Significant Gold Anomaly
16/03/2016Hartley’s Research Note
03/03/2016Half Year Accounts to 31 December 2015
08/02/2016Gold Aircore Results
28/01/2016December 2015 Quarterly Report
18/01/2016Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice
14/01/2016Exploration Update & Baneygo Resource
04/01/2016Appendix 3Y


15/12/2015Appendix 3Y – Change of Directors Notice x3
15/12/2015Appendix 3b
10/12/2015Exploration Update
26/11/2015Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports
30/10/2015Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
30/10/2015Annual Financial Report 2015
30/10/2015Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
13/10/2015Duketon Gold Exploration Joint Venture with Regis Formal Agreements Executed
08/10/2015Nickel Conference Presentation
24/09/2015Annual Financial Report 2015
07/09/2015Change of Directors Interest
02/09/2015Change of Directors Interest
30/07/2015June 2015 Quarterly Report
23/07/2015Investor Presentation July 2015
14/07/2015Agreement for Duketon Gold Exploration Joint Venture
14/07/2015Duketon Secures Gold Joint Venture with Regis
03/07/2015Drilling Continues To Intersect Nickel Sulphides at Nariz
29/06/2015Change of Directors Interest
30/04/2015March 2015 Quarterly Report
15/04/2015Drilling Commences at Nariz
17/03/2015Change of Directors Interest Notice
20/02/2015Half Year Accounts to 31 December 2014
17/02/2015Appendix 3B
29/01/2015Nickel Resources More Than Double at Duketon Project
27/01/2015Extensive Down Hole EM Survey Underway
16/01/2015Sixth Hole at Nariz
13/01/2015Nariz Nickel-Copper Discovery Continues TO Grow With 3.95M Sulphide Intersection


17/12/2014Third Hole at Nariz Nickel-Copper Discovery Hits 1.8m of Massive and Heavy Stringer Sulphides
05/12/2014Second Hole at Nariz Discovery Hits 3.75m of Massive and Heavy Blebby Sulphides
02/12/2014Assay Results Confirm High-Grade Nickel Sulphide Discovery
24/11/20145.8m Thick Zone Of Massive Sulphides
06/10/2014Rosie Drilling Highlights Potential to Increase Nickel Resources
01/08/2014Duketon Set to Start Trading on August 4
31/07/2014Drilling Commences at Thompson Bore Au
17/07/2014Closure of IPO
27/06/2014Duketon Mining Limited IPO Now Open
06/05/2014Completion of Sale of Small Parcels of Shares
14/03/2014Interim Financial Report for Half Year Ended 31 Dec 2013
10/02/2014Company Update


04/12/2013Results of 2013 Annual General Meeting
03/12/2013Annual Financial Report for Year Ended 30 June 2013
27/11/2013Unmarketable Parcel Letter and Form
30/10/2013Notice of Annual General Meeting & Proxy Form
02/08/2013Successful Closure of Rights Issue
20/05/2013Rights Issue Prospectus